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Created by two NBL1 players, Blue Collar Elite (BCE) is designed through mistake-driven training to develop the skills and knowledge of a player to their full potential. 

Based in Frankston, Victoria, we plan to not only provide guidance with basketball skills, but also create an elite environment for athletes in Victoria to come and grow their game. 

BCE offers elite camps and group sessions to cater to different needs of the athlete. All sessions will be formatted so skills are broken down before being put into a game situation.


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Blue Collar Elite camps will provide players with the chance to compete and  train with other high level athletes in their age group. Not only will the camps be skill based, but the camps will also allow the individual to compete in multiple game situations that will put the skills they are taught into action. At the conclusion of every camp, each player will be provided with an in-depth player evaluation that allows the player to understand their strengths and weaknesses going forward.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding either a program or camp, please contact either Stephanie Reid or Najeal Young for more information. 

Najeal Young: 0414 068 400

Stephanie Reid: 0424 961 251